09 December 2014

What's the Difference Between

An Artist and a Pizza

about starting a new blog. To this day I think that if you pick a single word, or a simple idea, that's the best name. It takes a bit of thinking... But it would be worth your time because you can always say the name of your blog and add the word "blogspot" and most folk can find it. For the life of me, the name of this blog is goofy if you know me at all. If I was a bull in Spain? Then Ferdinand.blogspot would be perfect. If I was a friendly bear waiting for company...
I would call it Ferdinand Bear.blogspot. Not that any of that is important. You had a very popular blog and will probably have another just as good if not better. I mean, after all....you ARE Lil Lamb! d=^))

30 November 2014

Who Dances at Christmastime? PUG DOES!

You know, it's almost an automatic happening, I break away from blogging for a bit, and then wander back in the door like some stray cat, and the first thing I start seeing is signs of Puerileuwaite. And what, pray tell, is he doing?

I think it's a Christmas dance...

Such a happy young pup!
Must be getting something good this year.
A Brand New Blog?!

(wait a minute...that's the old blog.)