time flies

08 November 2015

is it, or not?

Many words were written just now, and, as i am prone to do, too much time lost trying to be clean, and inquire ideas from others, but, it all comes down to I'm lonely and crave female companionship, but don't know how to attain that very thing. I had metaphorically pictured my world as "oblivion".... But, as it is an old story with all of us, perhaps just a piece of music. The score from "Oblivion" actually... Coincidence? or a final dance? Good movie, speaks to an elusive idea calls out a hope for the future, and even suggests that if one is not careful... they may be lining themselves up for a wrong direction which (according to the movie) is harder to repair from than just loneliness. Or, giving that one might not appreciate science fiction (which, honestly, is no different than any other form of writing) there is also We Bought a Zoo, with Matt Damon. None the less, The hell with my tears. Here's the jams.