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07 October 2016

clinton and trump are demeaning to intelligence

Of all the silliness to be found on the internet, the bru-ha-ha about immigrants stealing our jobs and the TPP stealing our industries is about the stupidest.
First, the immigrants.
Oh gracious me oh my, they're taking our jobs away from us...filling positions that are supposedly the lowest rung work available. Wrong. A person that picks grapes from a vine is a highly trained individual. A jerk can go "pick" those grapes, it's true, BUT they will destroy the vines.
Now, there are two things that are said about immigrants-and I mean both types of immigrants, legal and illegal- and neither are any more true than the other. In fact, they are polar opposites.
Supposedly taking jobs away from Americans (even though, duh, those from the farthest tip of South America are as much an American as those just South of the idiot wall bush junior built) and then they are taking benefits from our pockets.
Well, which is it? Are they stealing jobs? Or are they taking benefits?
Neither. While some basic help is available, it is far from taking money out of our pockets.
I have already mentioned the "job stealing" thing. Hey...if United States citizens have no gumption to get work that takes specific skills, then of course immigrants will fill the void. Whether picking fruits, vegetables and so on, all the way to building brick walls and structures (one MUST be skilled to do this or the danged wall will fall) and drywall, carpentry, concrete support help, then dang it, that is their day to shine! If a local boy (or gal) wants that job, then TRAIN for it and do it! Some of the friendliest people I have met on construction sites are immigrants, both legal and illegal, and it doesn't take knowing their language to find that out.

The argument can be applied to TPP, NAFTA, and whatever trade deals happen.
I hate it when mebers of the gop complain bitterly that they are losing us jobs, because we can buy what we want to buy.
Read that, again....
WE are allowed to BUY WHATEVER WE WANT! Well, except for a few drugs and assault rifles and such. But when it comes to products, if you think that wallymart is making too much money for too few people because they sell stuff made in China, Korea, Taiwan, Viet Nam....then STOP BUYING THOSE items, and look harder for locally produced items.
That's what they do in their own countries.
Chinese generally buy Chinese made TVs, Taiwanese generally buy TVs made in TAIWAN!
Geezzz.... It doesn't take a college education to see that.
Car parts made in Europe sell big here. Ford has been making their parts right here, but are now considering other places. Not for price. But because the snobbery of American workers makes them lazy...more money for less work is their motto,

Let's make that a bit more scary, shall we?
Canada has been building cars made of hemp bodies - lighter weight, more durable and cheaper to replace than steel, and in the long range, uses way less petroleum - and the vehicles are priced under Dodge, Chevy, Ford, and even Fiat. When the next recession hits, where will the poorest of this nation be buying their cars?
Sadly, this is an across the board political buy off. Both Republicans and Democrats are being bought hands down by anti-marijuana lobbies, because it is such a pliable resource. Consider a house, for example.
Hempcrete is lighter weight, and therefore cheaper to transport, it is as strong as normal concrete when used correctly, and makes a solid grounding for a home. Marijuana can be made into a chip board product, and way cheaper because in some regions, two complete harvests can be made in a single year, and then the following year, another harvest(s) can be made. With trees, in the US, they are pulled down at around 15 years old, which is too young, but, fifteen years versus year after year of marijuana fields. So you can see why it is less expensive to use.
Can't make metal screws or nails, however, it can be processed to make a waterproof material that is used to attach items together, such as shingles. GOOD shingles. Basically, marijuana can be used to build an entire house without ever cutting a tree. From the ground to the roof, an entire house.
Can you see why the lumber industry wants to buy politicians to keep marijuana legal?

It is but one facet of the propaganda we get shoved down our throats. There are angles from so many directions, and the only ones making any headway are businesses that are super conglomerates. This has occurred before in history. And the president at the time felt that letting business lead the way, President Warren G. Harding, created the very base of what would become the great depression.
Included was the fact that all minorities were picked out as not fit to be treated as human. I remember not long ago that there was an argument about the movie, The Help, and that many argued that it was unfair in its appraisal of reality...that whites treated blacks with respect.
Well, I grew up all through the South in the fifties, and I can tell you it was still bad...four bathrooms bad...WAY bad. To be a minority meant that if a white person were walking down the sidewalk, blacks and Mexicans were to step off the walkway, not look directly at the whites, and bow their heads as they were passed. It was WORSE during the depression.
Blacks were told that there wasn't enough money to help with any aspect of their lives, including food. Turning a blind eye towards a segment of the population because of perceived differences was the epitome of evil. This isn't Christianity, and it is exactly that nature of Americans that I left organized religions about.
Seems like a different conversation? you ask...
No. Same conversation.
The only reason immigrants are hated is because some group of have-it-all elite decided to create a rift between the poor. The only reason trade deals are hated is because some group of have-it-all has decided that they need to make more money, and to keep the attention on one aspect means they can busy themselves with "creating jobs" at wallymarts and tarnationgets, and all places cheap.
Americans, I always thought, were smarter than that.
After all, they had created a Democratic Socialism that helped ANYONE that wanted help...
Schools, a direct example of Democratic Socialism, are a prime example. Some say they don't want taxes at all...especially the rich. But it has been the very essence of the Socialism...Police, Firemen, Hospitals, Emergency responders, these are examples of Democratic Socialism.
clinton is an example of a person that is a Republican (and the worse kind...a Goldwater Republican) trying to hide her true colors. Trump, isn't one iota better, his goal is to make you forget that he is a Democrat, and that when he needs money, you will be the ones to pay.
Not the wealthy. It will be the middle classes that will pay heavily, and the poor will pay even more. And then he will eat social security. Chow down on it as if it were a money cornucopia.

I wrote this before...please note the reality:
They say a third party is wasting your vote.
Well, in this case, the third party is clinton and trump.
A Real Republican would vote for Gary Johnson.
A Real Liberal would vote for Dr. Jill Stein.