28 December 2014

...and People Ask Me Why I Don't Fly Out of Indiana That Often....

every week, you can hear them crying for more money, but then, while Colorado and Washington, and soon Oregon, Washington DC, Alaska, Philledelphia....ALL will be harvesting the tax money from marijuana.

So, while our planes might not really look like the Amish Airlines being flown by ZZ Top...
our legislature does look that out of step.

Santa Found Something on His Travels this Year

No more North Pole for me, no more!
C'mon Mrs. Claus and don't forget to shut the door.

Bring all the elves and don't forget
Santa's lil sqeeze ( the Ho Ho Ho Ho )

C'mon down, Mama, c'mon down soon,
We'll build a shack on the beach to watch the moon go.

No more North Pole for me, No More!
C'mon down, Mrs. Claus,, don't forget to shut the door!