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01 July 2015

and from all that... A Cynic Emerges

What in the name of hell are our politicians thinking?
First, though I usually like to end with this as a "punchline" as it were, the most addictive drug in the world, the most dangerous drug in the world, is tobacco.
Once more, with feeling, please.
The next most dangerous drug in the world is alcohol, and it falls a far far distant second place. #1 Tobacco is directly attributed to almost half a million deaths in the US every year,  while alcohol only kills 88,000, or less than a quarter. #2 it takes less than a pack of cigarettes to actually get hooked on tobacco, while it takes a few nights of drinking to establish a lasting addiction to alcohol.

Does anyone think for a moment that tobacco can be made illegal without several wars erupting in the US and other countries? Worldwide, tobacco kills over five million people.
And the answer is, no. There is absolutely no way to ever make tobacco illegal without several deaths in the non-smoking communities of the world. The "hook" that hangs on to tobacco smokers and sniffers and chewers is such that all out black market wars will create so much chaos that an inordinate amount of innocent bystanders will end up dying.

There IS a way to relieve the mass exodus towards death's doors, however, and though it may sound odd at first, there are several thousand doctors who will stand behind this truth.


#1. It relaxes most people that smoke it, and they end up smoking less.
#2. When pot smokers do set down the marijuana after they have broken the tobacco      habit, their lungs begin regenerating quicker than if they didn't smoke any pot.
#3. Yes, the carcinogens are stronger in a marijuana joint than in a cigarette, BUT, while  most tobacco addictive folks smoke around a pack and a half a day which equals about 3/4 to an ounce and a half (some as much as  three to four packs a day are smoking two to three and a half ounces of tobacco)  a pot smoker only smokes around a few grams in a day and is  "high" for much of that time. This is based on the actual tolerances involved with smoking  marijuana, and there are some folks that start climbing a tolerance hill needing more to  attain a "high" each day they indulge in that behavior, but there are other methods to  battle an outright addiction. (Smoking male weed is one such method.)
 The main idea, however, is not to replace tobacco with marijuana... It is to allow the  individual to break the tobacco addiction long enough to then be able to walk away from  tobacco altogether.
The addiction to marijuana is, for the most part, merely a mental addiction with little physiological repercussions other than a couple of sleepless nights.

How many people have directly died from the use of marijuana?
None. Zero. Nada, Nyet. Nien. Ne.

Now, I'm not saying that marijuana doesn't come without dangers, so, if you are thinking of getting off of tobacco, perhaps you should read this, first.
The Dangers of Marijuana

Of course, if you live in a backward state such as Indiana, you may have a long, loonnngggg wait.
It might be a good time to move to a state where individual freedom is taken seriously.
Here, we have a state that, before Pence moved in, had returned taxes BACK to the taxpayers, the schools were either doing great or were on their way.
Broke and searching for good lies to raise taxes.
All the while, a few intelligent states have legalized marijuana and are now harvesting grand benefits for their tax coffers.


cure your own cancers

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stop the drug war

Dr. Tashkin's comparative studies

Marijuana and Lung Cancers

30 June 2015

What? MORE TMI???

I started early at drinking. I've found out that I put a form of time stopper into my life with drinking early. Not fully developed, but could out drink some adults.
Downside is that my development got put on hold while I explored the difference between Cherry Vodka and Southern Comfort.
Southern Comfort won as soon as I found out that Janis Joplin would pound away a bottle before shows. I liked Janis.
O Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz. My friends all drive Porches...
Hey feel free to hear the rest of that song tonight. Some damned ear worm boneman came up with...
Boy, I just hope I don't get slapped with a copyright suit. Give some damned lawyer a billion dollars (if that's what they ask for, at least it'll be a good laugh, eh?)

A quick PSA...I'll be fast. My second wife will attest to that...
Copyright laws have victims.
The rich people. They can't get even richer...
oh oh oh oh ahhhhh.
see? Fast!

So, back to the story...
The more I drank, the more behind I was getting. By the time I finished the first time, I thought, "Hey. I did it! I'm the MAN!"
But when I picked it up again, so, that means I relapsed, and we've learned that for reality's perspective, I was still drinking. I was more responsible, true, but the damage had already been done. Damaged goods.
Hell, when I finally understood that, I absolutely knew Jean was smarter than me.
I had already guessed as much, but it was incontrovertible then.
In an odd way, I was just cresting out of high school when I met her, and that hung on a lot harder than I should have. I have tried to apologize in my own way, but, it's like an immature kid apologizing to a double PHD'd degree high thinker. I should have just been a snowman and melted away, but, I had seen her naked and she was way prettier in my eyes than her own.
But looks? dang... Looks don't count for a loose feather in a raven.
However, no matter how life turns out, I'm aimed to do the things I think I need to get done. Some of you know that I wanted to write a book and sell it and give the royalties to missions that feed starving people.
I kept falling off that boat. I tested some...er, let's call them some nice word that sounds exotic, like Erotic Dreams. (http://polardiaries.blogspot.com/) I'm thinking the hits on it are just a few folks interested in a small lick of written porn.

But then I started putting the animal story down...


It isn't bad. Going a bit slow because I find myself editing it as I go along, but, whatever.
I have done the ground work on the money part...and if I want to make a lot of money for the starving folks, then, I should start by buying a gun and robbing rich people and put it in a bank. Of course, that isn't going to fly.
In the first place, I'm just not the kind of person to rob people.
In the second place, have you seen the price of guns???
Who's robbing who?
Maybe I could use a bow and arrow?
Nah.... Too much laughing.

So, I'm just going to write the book and let folks read it for free, and maybe they'll go do the right thing because I wrote something... or maybe not.
But the bottom line is I can only do the best that I can do. I'll paint, I'll write, I'll make music, and hope for a cuddle once and a while.
I saw a silly "poem" today...

That led me to this... This bee needs to come! I gotta find me a flower that wants to explore with me ways to get it up! That's what the erotica is about.

A little sex? Heck! A LOT of sex! Any kind of sex. PHONE SEX! HAND SEX!
OK, I'm going odd, now. Maybe I should not listen to Doug Stanhope when I write...

Deadbeat Hero (Doug Stanhope)