16 August 2014

You know what really bugs me?

Well, gee, since you asked, THIS bugs me...

on the ceiling next to the light...
What The Feathers?
Get ut the bug spray and napkin.

13 August 2014

Pure Fiction

 Imagine, if you will, a police car actually stopping to help someone stuck on the side of the road...and NOT shooting them...(break to Twilight Zone music)
A random thought came to me last night...Since the US government, under the heading of listen to the ass that went AWOL (bush junior, who I'll just call bj) ...has their fingers and nose in everyone's computer and e-mails, anyway....how about they catch, drop , and smack down those who bring viruses to folks?

I mean...since they are climbing around there, anyway...

and...while they're at it  a few less spammers would be good, too....

yeah...there's "Hope" alright.
Bob Hope. And he's pushing up daisies,
so he probably doesn't give a flying rat's behind, eh?