time flies

06 July 2009

Audience Participation Joke

Did you know there was such a thing?
Audience participation joke?
Yup! And it's right HERE!


dianne said...

Lol Boney, that is such a corny joke and corn comes in cans as well. :-)

I like the one you told about the bar, the old lady with the toothache and the dog...that was hilarious, can we please hear that one again? ♥

the walking man said...


Track 3

boneman said...

well, I dunno if I remember that joke good enough to tell, but, speaking of coincidences....

Walking Man, I went to listen but they didn't let me hear the whole thing....

X. Dell said...

That reminds me of the time three couples perished in a multi-car collision. They all met up with St. Pete in his office designed by Michelangelo.

St. Pete goes over the case for the first couple on his computer. "According to our records," he says, "you were kind and generous, and you went to church every Sunday. But the problem is that you drank a good deal of your life away. In fact, you loved alcohol so much, you married a woman named Sherry. I'm afraid I'll have to send you both to hell."

As the dejected couple hop on the hellbound express (known in NYC as the 4-train), the second man gets evaluated. "Says here," begins St. Pete, "That you were wise, and courageous. On several occasions you risked your life to save someone else. You also went to church every Sunday. But I also see here, that you were greedy, and that's one of the deadly sins. In fact, you loved money so much, you married a woman named Penny. I'm afraid I'll have to send both of you to hell."

The husband of the third couple then turned to his wife, and said, "No sense in wasting time. They'll never let us in here, Fanny."